U.S. Tow Vehicle Release Information


The U.S. Tow team is dedicated to assisting you in the expedited return of your vehicle. As they provide towing and storage services for many area police departments and each department has unique vehicle release requirements, they strongly encourage you to call the appropriate police department BEFORE coming to the facility to recover your vehicle. Please review your paperwork to identify the authority that directed your vehicle to be towed and contact them via the information below.

LAPD Newton

3400 South Central Ave
Los Angeles CA 90011
P: 323-846-6547

DOT Central Division

1016 North Mission Rd
LA CA 90033
P: 323-224-6565

DOT Parking Violations Bureau

312 West 2nd St
LA CA 90012
P: 213-623-6533

Vernon Police Department

4305 S Santa Fe Blvd
Vernon CA 90058
P: 323-587-5171

CHP Central

777 West Washington Bl
LA CA 90007
P: 213-744-2331

DOT South Division

7510 South Figueroa
LA CA 90003
P: 213-485-6909

Los Angeles Sheriff

2000 East Imperial Hwy
LA CA 90059
P: 323-563-5000

Many factors are involved in the timely and legal return of your vehicle. See below for the most common questions asked about vehicle releases.

My vehicle has been towed. How can I claim my vehicle?
Most vehicles that have been towed require a release from the impounding agency. Please call ahead to see if your vehicle requires a release. If the vehicle does not require a release, the registered or legal owner may claim the vehicle after providing proper identification and paying all fees.
What are your office hours?
How can I find out if my vehicle has been towed by U.S. Tow?
How can I remove property from my vehicle?
My vehicle has been impounded and I can’t afford to pay the fees. What can I do?
My vehicle has been impounded for 30 days. Is there any way that I can get my vehicle out prior to the thirty days expiring?

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